Фото: Инна Минелли, Марина Малиновская / Стиль: Марина Малиновская / Модели: Дима и Андрей (desired mm)

«And opposites attract, but they don’t know how to stick together.
You wanna talk about how you like rainy weather?
Well I’m the one that has to bike in that shit just to see you.
And, I throw fits when I don’t mean to.
I get upset and I blame myself cuz it’s always gonna be my fault.
And I feel pressurized like a soda shaken up by an eight year old
trying to prank his sister, but he missed her.
It was an earnest attempt, but I exploded all on the walls.
Fell so short when I stood so tall; my mental state doesn’t make much sense at all.»

Astro Cowboy .



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